These are the things that define RIDGE

We believe that Nature is essential to the prosperity of the human race. In our eyes, Earth’s true heroes are those who have empathy for the living and natural world. True heroes not only find joy in Nature, but want others to enjoy it too. These values inspire heroes to create and prioritize actions that preserve and improve our living and natural world for current and future generations. There are many heroes on Earth, including, most imaginably, you. This embodies what we stand for.

At RIDGE, we believe our professional calling is to deliver quality goods that will not only allow you to better experience Nature, but will actually induce you to get outdoors. What do we mean? Think of your dog. Or Loki, your Mom’s dog. When the walking leash comes out, what does he do? He becomes so amped, he loses control and pees himself at the sheer thought of a walk in the park. We want our products to be that same signal for you. We want RIDGE products to induce a response so raw that you start drooling at the thought of your outdoor adventure.

This dog park analogy inspired us to name each of our products after a State/National Park or Monument, as a tribute to their beauty and to induce a primordial drooling response that will get you to go visit. We started naming our products after California’s Parks and Monuments, our Company’s birth state.

So join us. Become an early backer. And #bringahammock everywhere you go.