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Our designs are inspired by WPA vintage travel posters, which were created in the 1930-40s.


The following travel poster designs are available:

Golden Gate Bridge

Redwood National Park

Sequoia National Park

Yosemite National Park

We also sell additional national park designs on our etsy page:



8 x 10 inches

12 x 16 inches

12 x 18 inches

16 x 20 inches

18 x 24 inches

24 x 36 inches

The posters are printed on high-quality durable archival paper. In addition, they have a beautiful matte finish.

In addition, we sell mugs, bags, towels, and more!


A brief history of vintage WPA National Park poster:
Between 1935 and 1943, the WPA or Workers Progress Administration (later changed to Work Projects Administration), established by presidential order, employed 8 million people. Part of the WPA budget (7%) went to art projects, including commissioned national park posters. In addition to creating employment, these posters generated interest in national park tourism because of their beauty. Our design team created these posters in order to pay tribute to these original iconic travel posters. Above all, we aim to inspire you to get outdoors and explore America’s great parks, monuments, shorelines, and forests with our designs.

© Ridge Outdoor Gear retains the copyright of all poster designs. Therefore, designs may not copy or reproduce. However, sharing our designs is encouraged with proper attribution.